Mirror of the Bride
Original title : Mirror of the Bride

A Film by Yuki Kawamura

Japan , France , 2013, 90min, DCP, HD, Color, Documentary


Through conversations with his father and aunts, the director obliquely sketches a portrait of his grandmother as she
lives out her final days in a nursing home near Kyoto. Lucid and delicate, Mirror of the Bride explores the ambivalent
emotions that circulate between mothers and their children, and the difficulty of acknowledging them while still fulfilling
filial duty.


Cinéma du Réel 2013


Libarian's Award
Cinéma du Réel 2013


Director : Yuki Kawamura
Editor : Junko Watanabe, Yuki Kawamura
Director of Photography : Yuki Kawamura
Sound Editor : François Boudet

Sound Mixser :François Boudet
Produced by : Yuki Kawamura